About Roaring Dog

DSC_0626Pretty scary pair…wouldn’t you say! Roaring Dog is actually a dog…our wonderful little rescue-hound Fiona. Check out my first blog post if you want to see Fiona actually roar a bit. Roaring Dog is also a budding design/build studio growing out of an almost thirty year career as a woodworker.

My name is Chris Clemans and after a college stint at the School of American Craftsmen in Rochester, NY I have been pretty much making my living by making things of art and function. Since 1987 this work has predominantly been in the cabinetmaking realm. I own and operate an heirloom-quality cabinet shop called CabFab in Syracuse, NY. We love what we do but as is the nature of creative people, my team and are are itching to make some art. The outlet for this collaborative venture is Roaring Dog Studio and this is where it begins.

We live in a wonderful home of our own creation set on 11 acres on the shores of Cross Lake in Cato, NY. I am blessed to be married to a creative and caring woman Carolyn Clemans who makes her way in the world as a midwife. She brings new life into this world every day and I want to try in a small way to make that world a little more beautiful.