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Month: June, 2013

Island Time

One of the things I am most looking forward to moving forward with this blog and the evolution of roaring dog studio is to share with those interested some insight into how our new products move from concept to reality.

We have an exciting new piece coming to fruition now in the shop. What we set out to do was to create a relatively small, stylish and functional kitchen prep island. We decided that we wanted the island to be round and that it would be made from a pairing of wood and iron. After several versions of design, critique and redesign this is the overview of what we are building:


One of the unique concepts with this island will be a standard base in cherry and steel with a choice of tops/chopping surfaces. The first versions will offer tops in 1 1/2″ thick Curly Maple, Cherry and a butcher block motif featuring both together. Here are the leg blanks and island tops ready for final dimensioning:



Perhaps the most exciting feature of this island in a collaborative design element conceived by the Roaring Dog team and executed by a wonderful local shop called Mack Bros. Boiler Works. This old line industrial supplier has most recently been involved in numerous artistic ventures and was more than willing to make the iron rings that will make the core of our island. We just picked them up this morning. Here is a peek at the unfinished pieces. These perfect circles in 1/4″ hot rolled steel are just what we wanted!


The plan is to keep our readers updated with progress on these islands. There are a few more surprises coming (a few we may not even know about yet). Stay tuned!

Social Media for Aging Artists!

I turned 50 on June 10. I love the internet…go gaga for google…enjoy stalking Facebook…etc. Now I am trying to move our new art/craft venture Roaring Dog Studios¬†into a fully functional social media organism…Yikes! ¬†This is a sexy way of saying that this blog post is a test with some bling. Things should get more interesting from here. Here is a fun picture of Fiona the Roaring Dog and a big snapping turtle that wandered through our yard last week. Who doesn’t like a cute dog?6-12-13 015