Immigration Reform

by roaringdog



Please meet our motley crew of illegal immigrants…

We are blessed to live on a beautiful 11 acre parcel with a critter-filled 2 acre pond in front of our house. We call this mini-Ponderosa Wagmore.  Normally this time of year our little pond is frozen solid and the sensible water fowl have either flown off to warmer climes or if domesticated… not opted to run away from home just as winter’s grip begins to stiffen. This crew seems to have done just that!

What we have here are 3 African Geese, 2 Khaki Campbell Ducks and 1 Pekin Duck…no…before you ask smarty-pants…no ‘partridge in a pear tree’. This crew literally sauntered across our field this fall and took up residence in our pond. No visas…no passports…no job prospects. We thought they would wander off soon enough…perhaps their people-parents would come looking…nope…just swam around with not a care in the world. They mixed gregariously with wild ducks and geese until the skim ice started to form…the sensible birds saw this as a definite sign to vacate. Not our little gang of delinquents!

So now what? I know…let’s buy them a bubbler to keep a bay in the pond open all winter…build them a custom lean-to at the shop and buy a couple hundred pounds of cracked corn to walk out to them each day. So here we are…foster parents to a veritable UN of water fowl. Who played who…I think the winged-ones knew exactly what they were doing…Life at Wagmore bubbles on.