Meet the Roaring Dogs…Part 3

by roaringdog


Say Hello to Scott Hoehn! Scott is the most veteran of our crew and has been nothing short of indispensable to me and to our companies through all of our evolutions. Roaring Dog Studio’s big sister CabFab has depended on Scott’s tireless design and logistics talents for a number of years. With the birth of Roaring Dog however it is obvious that Scott is truly in his element. With a passion for textural design mostly in textiles, Scott has taken the lead on creating many of the inlay designs now finding their way into our prototype products.

This picture taken this afternoon at Roaring Dog’s shop finds Scott actually installing the inlays that he designed only weeks ago on his computer. It is not lost on any of us how fortunate we are to be able to conceive and execute these handmade pieces from start to finish with our hands and minds fully engaged throughout!