Meet the Roaring Dogs Part 2

by roaringdog

Lori in a Sticky Situation

Meet Lori Holmes…designer…builder…logistics master mind and one hell of a chop stick maker! Lori has been with Roaring Dog and our sister shop CabFab for several years now. She had a brief hiatus away but as all smart roaring dogs do…they come home to where they are loved…and occasionally fed! Lori came to us originally from her management role with Pier 1 via a local college architecture/design program. The smile you see…not fake! This woman sprinkles good cheer around our shop like a cloud drops rain. Behind the smile is woman with talents in all areas of our businesses. She runs our hardwood sales business Lakeshore Hardwoods, she is currently setting up our shipping and receiving department for Roaring Dog and the rest of her days are filled with all manner of woodworking adventures.

She’ll probably be mad at me for telling you this but around the shop these days we call Lori ‘Curly Cherry’ in honor of her mane of curly red locks and one of our favorite hardwoods!