Beautiful Food

by roaringdog


My fab wife Carolyn emailed me a recipe from one of her favorite blogs (and now one of mine too) Manger for Duck Confit and as she is want to do she accompanied the recipe with the subject line ‘make it’. We happen to have several nice fat Pekin Ducks in our freezer from our fall flock and she knew that once this seed was planted in my foodie mind, a weekend feast lay in her future.
As I was oogling the amazing photographs and recipes on Manger I was struck by this decidedly unsexy tableau pictured above. This friends is my work desk at about 9 am this morning. Taking center stage is my breakfast…big deal right…big deal YES! In that unassuming glass bowl is homemade yogurt…Chobani be damned…freaking homemade yogurt. Carolyn made this inaugural batch a few days back and honestly folks…I’m not going back to the dairy aisle again! Add a little local NY Maple Syrup and some fine Pecans (decidedly un-local) and you have one more small step toward a homemade life…