Ben, Chris and 2 Roaring Dogs

by roaringdog

Ben, Chris and 2 Roaring Dogs


OK…OK…I know I promised to go light on the cute animal crap…sorry. Carolyn and I took a beautiful walk to the lake yesterday with the dogs to get some fresh air and take a few pictures for the ‘about’ section of this still very new blog-thing I am working on. As I was making the ‘about page’ I remembered some pictures I had taken of a baby Roaring Dog over 3 years ago.

This beyond cute puppy in the arms of our equally cute son Ben is the baby Fiona…more of a whine than a roar but come on…cute…right…admit it…very cute! Ben and Fiona are pictured in front of our parking lot at our shop CabFab…now home to Roaring Dog Studio.

Obviously this dog was destined to be an entrepreneur from the start!