A Bill and a Smile…Huh???

by roaringdog

No Bill!When was the last time you smiled when you opened your power bill? This is our Queen Carolyn opening ours in our hand-made kitchen today! We just rounded the corner on our first year in our new home Wagmore set in rural upstate New York and thanks to our superb 5.4KW photo voltaic solar array on the roof pumping out power whenever the sun shines, our final bill of the year…exactly $0.00. We usually have to pay a $12.00 line charge but we had enough credit with our two way metering to wash that out.

Yee-Haa…more kibble for the Roaring Dog!

We have the fine folks at ETM solar works in Endicott, NY to thank for the design and installation of our system. They were a huge part of the team that made this house happen. Sometimes it’s hard to leave our circa 2012 super- comfy home  to head over to our circa 1896 Roaring Dog shop building but making stuff is what we love so travel we will….how many more days of winter?