New Year’s Kale

by roaringdog

Kale Dog 3
So…about 7 months ago we planted this Kale in our garden in Cato, NY. Big deal…right? Yesterday we swept off 2 feet of snow from these hardy plants and picked probably our 40th batch of greens…New Year’s Day in a freezing snow storm. While we grimaced, the dogs frolicked and the Kale laughed. There is still more…still laughing…refusing to succumb to the rigors of the winter solstice.

The freezer is full of blanched Kale, our bellies are full of cooked Kale, the geese on the pond are full of Kale scraps…don’t get me wrong…we love Kale. Now if we could only find some New Year’s tomatoes!

Sneak preview alert belowWe have a prototype of one of our foodie-friendly food prep boards in action in our kitchen at home. This tray has an inlaid beet we designed and a grain matched removable tray for delivering chopped goods from board to pan. The tray relocates itself with hidden rare earth magnets. Very cool!! 

Veggie Board with Kale 1

Veggie Board with Kale 2