Meet the ‘Roaring Dog’

by roaringdog

Say hello to Fiona, the Roaring Dog of Roaring Dog Studio! Granted, she is no lion roaming free on the Serengeti but she is our clever little dog and the figure head of our new enterprise. I promise this blog will be light on cute animal action…other than that…no other promises. We are woodworkers, budding blacksmiths, cabinetmakers, chefs, gardeners, designers, thinkers and mostly lovers of life. The lines between our shop life and family life are pretty blurry so all in all there are 6 or so of us of the two legged variety, a bunch of critters and a great deal of blind optimism that we are onto something special here in Central New York. Stay close and we will share tales of anything from shop work to dinner inspirations to a stroll through our veggy garden as we flex our creative muscles. My name is Chris Clemans and with the help of my always tolerant and brilliant wife Carolyn and our crew Scott, Erin, Lori and Jody we are Roaring Dog!

Happy New Year all!

PS. Like that flashy Fiona logo up top…that’s all Tara Hogan of Ink+Wit…many thanks for her mighty creative energy!